Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming ever more important in all areas of life and business. To remain competitive, it is essential for companies and their employees to address this revolutionary technology.

TÜV Conference: Opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an exciting topic not just today but will remain one for years to come. This is why the TÜV Association organized the “TÜV AI Conference” on 26 October 2021, which was held in a hybrid format. Policymakers and business leaders discussed the status quo, opportunities and risks as well as a trustworthy, secure AI “made in Germany” or “made in Europe”, both in Berlin and online.

AI is no longer science fiction

We might not always be aware of it but we have been using AI applications in everyday life for a long time. Speech recognition via Siri and Alexa is continuously fed with training data by end consumers, recommendation AI filters customer requests at Amazon, Spotify and Thermomix, and autonomous driving only works with the help of AI systems. AI also becomes creative and generates images or music – and even wins when playing against people.

Trustworthy AI

AI is set to penetrate all sectors and stages of value creation and will be used in highly sensitive areas as well. This makes it all the more important to guarantee secure, high-quality and trustworthy AI as this is the only way to make people accept the new, “intelligent” technologies. The German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.) is one of the bodies currently working on a roadmap on standards in the field of AI. And the TÜV Association is also fulfilling its sovereign task as a technical testing organization in this area, for example by having established TÜV AI Labs and pursuing the idea of an AI Testing Hub as a central point of contact.

Training managers and skilled staff to become AI Professionals

Compliance with recognized standards and quality requirements can become a decisive advantage for German and European suppliers in international competition: Unparalleled quality and security – “AI made in Europe”. Another key success factor is building expertise among skilled staff and managers. To remain competitive, it is essential for companies and their staff to address the topic of AI. The same is true for Germany as a business and research hub. After all, the complexity of introducing AI processes should not be underestimated, which is why specially trained professionals and managers are urgently needed.

To remain competitive, it is essential for companies and their staff to address the topic of AI.


Become an AI Professional (TÜV)

Partnering exclusively with the German media academy and the eco Association, the TÜV Rheinland Academy has developed a five-day training course to become an AI Professional (TÜV). Participants will be able to draw on the know-how of experts from industry and business and acquire comprehensive skills for working in the field of AI. This includes managing AI projects taking into account the legal framework, IT security as well as data protection and quality assurance. Small group sizes guarantee that all participants can contribute their questions and benefit from individual support.

Seize the opportunity and visit the TÜV Rheinland AI Academy in the webshop, where you can also find out about other training courses that will boost your skills and expertise to deal with technological change.

The competent use of AI opens up new opportunities for business, from higher process efficiency to more targeted marketing and improved customer service. The importance of AI is growing rapidly both nationally and internationally, and soon every company, regardless of its size, will have to deal with this new technology in order not to lose out.


Maren Jurczyk

Maren Jurczyk

Business Manager

Marens area of responsibility is completely under the motto: Lifelong learning. She builds up cooperations in the area of further education and expands the further education portfolio.

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