Instagram (Facebook) has done it again: Without wasting any time, they once again just copied something that worked well for their competitors and therefore could pose a threat to them.

New formats successfully copied

Back in August 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature called “Instagram Stories” that allows users to assemble images and videos to create a continuous story. This content is only visible for 24 hours. Short-term communication like this had been pioneered by Snapchat, which used it so successfully that Facebook and Instagram feared the new app could become too popular and push them off the pedestal. So they simply copied the feature and implemented it in their own platforms.

Reels – ultra-short and creative

Now they did it again. This time the “victim” is TikTok. In the last two years, the Chinese platform has gained users so rapidly that it has become a serious competitor for Facebook and the like. On TikTok, users share ultra-short videos called “reels” that are between 15 and 60 seconds in length. Reels are creatively prepared videos that originally focused on music, dance, singing and creativity. In the meantime, however, TikTok has gained popularity not just with all age groups; it is also being used for other topics and by companies.

to 60 seconds

Here are some examples:


Wer schummelt immer bei sowas? Ich würde das ja nie tun. 🥰##fotogen ##anwalt ##lustig

♬ CHROMANCE – Wrap Me In Plastic - vashamarousia

Behind the scenes 🎥with @neil.verhagen @skyandtami ##bmwjuniorteam ##bmw ##bmwm ##fyp

♬ Street Fashion Game - ftp_jimpix

Fetacreme mit Paprika und Kräutern 😇 Perfekt zum ##grillen! ##selberkochen ##chefkoch

♬ Originalton - chefkoch

Available on Instagram now

Reels have also been available on Instagram for several weeks now. But there’s a problem: Most Instagram users neither know what reels are nor do they know how to use the new feature. You don’t use reels simply to repeat exactly what you’ve previously done with your feed videos or stories. This wouldn’t require a new feature.

Instead, this is all about getting really creative, producing videos with ultra-fast cuts and thus elicit a “wow” reaction from other users.

And this is what it looks like:

Good to know:

Reels currently only work in the Instagram app and can only be accessed via a link in the desktop version.
Reels + Instagram

Why you should take a closer look at reels

Instagram is currently pushing the use of reels. The Discover feed (magnifying glass icon), which previously enabled you to discover new content that might be of interest to you, had to make way for the Reels feed. The magnifying glass is now located in the upper right corner of your profile, while reels are featured prominently in the lower bar. Please note that some users cannot see this update in their app yet.

Audience reach is potentially huge

As always with new features, Instagram is pushing the use of reels to find out how popular the feature is with users. That’s why you can currently reach huge audiences when you create and share reels. It’s worth it. Just give it a try. But please, do not just pan through your garden or living room – come up with something more creative!


Viktoria Kux

Viktoria Kux

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