Most of us have learned to constantly question things rather than simply accepting them, to criticize others and believe that we know best. Why is this? Often it is because we lack trust, for all kinds of reasons.

Learning to trust – in people and their expertise

Nothing could have illustrated this lack of trust better than the coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly each and every one of us is a virologist, doctor or politician. We think we have to be able to do everything and do it better than anyone else. But isn’t our diversity the very thing that has got us this far? There are countless skilled occupations, degree courses and other vocations. People have perfected their skills and expertise in all kinds of ways.

We need to learn to trust more again – in the expertise of our colleagues across all levels. Nobody makes decisions lightly – and that’s precisely why we need to rebuild trust! It helps us to avoid stress. “I trust you to get this right. It’s your job.” Surely a sentence like this helps everyone to feel at ease?

“I trust you to get this right. It’s your job.” Surely a sentence like this helps everyone to feel at ease?

Looking forward together

Although the pandemic is frustrating, we can at least say that we are doing well at TÜV Rheinland Kraftfahrt. We have robust measures in place to offer us the best possible protection, and we have been able to keep going with hardly any financial losses. That gives us a reason to be cheerful amid a maelstrom of bad news. We don’t have to wait for government funding or fear for our financial existence, and we still receive our salaries each month. How cool is that? It’s something we have achieved together with the commitment we show our customers every day. That’s why it’s worth looking to the future.

Personally, I sometimes feel conflicted. Our state government encourages people to work from home wherever possible. It’s something I’m able to do sometimes. Yet some of my colleagues ask: “Why do some people get to do that and I don’t?” They feel abandoned. I help to protect the team’s physical health by working from home and avoiding contact, and I help to protect their mental health and morale by working in the office – with all the usual hygiene measures in place, of course. It’s a balancing act – and one I’m happy to work at. Perhaps that creates trust, too.


We rely on our experts to make life safer

If we trust each other and our employer again, we will create an atmosphere that also creates trust among our customers.

And if they recommend us, we can step into the future with our heads held high and introduce new services to the market.

That’s why I don’t just tell our customers what services we offer and how we deliver them. Instead, I also tell them why we offer our services: because we believe that the expertise and professionalism of our colleagues makes life safer.

“Why do you choose TÜV Rheinland?” “Because I trust the people there!” Feels good, doesn’t it?


Christian Rudnick

Christian Rudnick

Area Manager Kraftfahrt

Christian Rudnick is Leverkusen Area Manager at TÜV Rheinland Kraftfahrt GmbH. In addition to take care of his strategic tasks, having responsibility for employees and handling customer service, he continues to examine vehicles himself, carries out modification acceptances, modification assessments, individual acceptances and driver’s license tests. This ensures that he never loses touch with the company’s core business. When he is not working for TÜV Rheinland, he likes to spend plenty of time with his family – either in the garden or “on the road” with their trailer. “Should my family not have time either, I am busy with gradually setting up a smart home infrastructure at our house.”

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