Last week I wrote about my four-week break from Instagram and what effect that actually had on my number of followers. Today I would like to go into more detail about what it has done for me personally.

Taking a break from social media – what were the benefits?

Needless to say, I gained some insights and gathered some new ideas on what I want to share in terms of content on my channels this year. But much more interestingly, I’ve found that in my job as social media manager I also want to be more of a role model for others this year – a role model for a healthier approach to social media. I quickly had my first little tantrum on a Sunday in mid-January when I checked my LinkedIn app and was practically spammed with Clubhouse-related posts from people in my network.

The latest hype: Clubhouse

For those who don’t know Clubhouse yet: Clubhouse is a new social network and an audio-only app. It allows me to participate in a kind of live podcast on various channels, so to speak. In contrast to conventional podcasts, which you can’t listen to live and where any interaction with the host (i.e. the creator of the podcast) is very limited, you can actively participate and join in the discussion on Clubhouse.

Sounds pretty good to me – so why throw a tantrum?

I had just mentally prepared myself to pursue a healthier approach to social media – and then this happens. Clubhouse is launched with the following access restrictions:


  • Only available for iOS users (Apple)
  • Access by invitation only

For newly registered clubhouse users, an additional type of “Invite“ is available, i.e. each new entrant can invite exactly one other person. People who are then active on the platform will receive a higher quota over time.


An enormous of hype then breaks out on various social media platforms, because everyone wants to be a part of this and all the online marketing experts in my network have to comment on it.

So what happened here is basically Marketing 101:

  • Clubhouse plays with the principle of artificial scarcity, which is usually intended to encourage users to buy something (in this case, to register).
  • Everyone wants to be the first to join and make others feel like losers.
  • #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) breaks out.
  • There are now people who sell their invites for €20 to €100 on eBay.
#JOMO statt #FOMO

#JOMO instead of #FOMO

This is anything but the healthy approach I had envisaged. And that’s why I decided to turn #FOMO into #JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) with this platform.

Yes, I have an invite myself, but haven’t accepted it yet. My colleagues in the industry have also invited me to various talks, which I have declined for the time being.

Do you want to be part of it?

There are also ways to participate for free. Anybody interested in joining Clubhouse can download the app and add their name to the waiting list. Anybody who has invites left can then add you. It’s hard to predict exactly how long this will take. There are also various groups being set up on the web that are distributing invites.


For my part, I decided to let the hype calm down and see how the whole thing pans out. Even as a social media manager, I don’t have to get involved in everything online. What matters is that I know the hot topics on the web – and that I can assess the importance of the platform for my work. And that’s something I can do without being involved right from the start.


Viktoria Kux

Viktoria Kux

Social Media Manager

Whether it’s a new photo for Instagram, a video for YouTube, or a strategic concept, her work is all about social networking. Not only at work, but also in her private life, she is very active. Between a newly built house, the desire to travel and sports, there is no room for boredom.

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