Every year, the time leading up to Christmas is a good time to take stock and ask yourself whether your year was enjoyable, successful and hopefully meaningful too. What does our personal karma account look like? Hopefully we have all done enough good things to end up with a huge plus on the positive side.

Be actively passive!

But what exactly does it mean to “do good”? Of course, there are different ways to give, from volunteering in your neighbourhood to simply separating your household waste. After all, “do” suggests taking actual action. However, we are often happy to excuse ourselves and say that we don’t have the time or the money needed to give. Can we, or should we, simply accept what our inner weakling tells us? The only reasonable answer is “no”!

How do we overcome the dilemma we face when we give in to our weaker selves yet still want to do something good? The answer is simple: we need to “let something go”. But doesn’t this mean being passive yet again? No, because by letting something go, we become active once more.

No sooner said than done. This answer spurred me on, and I created a list of things and activities I could actively let go of or do without in order to do something good. It all starts at home, where I am avoiding buying goods packed in plastic, which also means I am planning to throw less away. Instead of using cheap tea lights in the run-up to Christmas, we can use electric lights or compostable versions made from rapeseed wax, not to mention the piles of wrapping paper, or the array of trinkets that ultimately end up in the stomachs of fish. There are good, often inexpensive alternatives to all of these.

Yet the list goes on to include the many football fans who still think there are fairies who dispose of their beer bottles and cigarette butts. Even those demonstrating for a brighter future on Fridays leave heaps of rubbish in their wake. If everyone disposed of their waste straight away or even avoided creating it in the first place, it would make the world a better place for all of us.
The best thing is that each of us can decide for ourselves what we can do without going forward. This takes no effort yet can have wonderful results.

Our motto:

And so it seems that our motto for Christmas 2019 is this: be actively passive and produce less to have more. With this in mind, we wish you a happy Christmas for 2019!


Astrid Dorsch

Astrid Dorsch

Head of Corporate Sponsoring

Astrid Dorsch is Head of Corporate Sponsoring in the newsroom at TÜV Rheinland. In addition to her job, she also organizes events such as Technology Night or the employee summer party. Born in Hamburg and raised in Cologne, she has made traveling the center of her professional and private life. She tries to incorporate as much culture, sport and enjoyment as possible in her travels. Politically, professionally and privately, she firmly believes in community and is a passionate networker. She likes to be wherever new topics or open-minded and interesting people can be found.

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