The longing for more normality and everyday life was fulfilled a little, although nothing has changed in the Corona danger situation. With confidence and joy I noticed that the lady in the alteration studio has resumed her work and the hairdresser’s shop a few houses away is even looking for temporary help.


In view of rampant short-time work and the threat of high unemployment rates, this is a hopeful sign – even if it is tiny. A piece of everyday life has returned: more people are strolling through the streets, the city parks are filling up, and someone is looking for the long missed group connection.

After weeks of social asceticism, in the most beautiful sunshine and summer temperatures, it is understandable to repress the Corona danger and give in to one’s personal desire for freedom. But the gain in freedom can also be a danger to one’s own health and to others. I think that more prudence and consideration is especially necessary now if we do not want to return to a more rigid shutdown and “social regulations”.

Assume responsibility, keep your distance

I appreciate it very much if there are fewer restrictions, rules are not imposed and violations are no longer sanctioned. But I am aware that this also places higher demands on personal responsibility. It is important to find the right and above all healthy balance between personal freedom and the protection of others. Especially since there are more vulnerable people whose health is particularly dependent on the considerate behaviour of others, as I recently experienced on the train: An elderly man with a mouth guard and briefcase tried to keep his distance when the train suddenly filled up at the main station. He was definitely dependent on the passengers to keep their distance and thus behave prudently.

My summary:

So I would like to see Corona – even if the negative consequences undoubtedly outweigh the negative ones – leading to a different, more responsible way of dealing with each other, even beyond Corona.


Antje Golbach

Antje Golbach

Press Spokesman

Antje Golbach is press spokesperson for the Systems division and also deals with social media networks relating to the certification of management systems. She appreciates the diversity of topics in the communications department at TÜV Rheinland, the constant familiarisation with new topics and the fact that no day is like the previous one. To compensate for the time spent at her desk, she enjoys jogging through Cologne’s Green Belt and going on hiking excursions in the nearby Eifel mountains. She also likes to swap the forest floor for the yoga mat occasionally.

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