A lot has changed since Corona – I think we have already discussed up and down in our Corona diary, but also in the classic media, what exactly this is. But you know what I’ve been asking myself for a few days now: Is there ever a way back?


Before I answer, I would like to share my thoughts with you. My husband plays drums in a cover band in his spare time and, admittedly, earns a lot of money by making music in marquees or at weddings on weekends. Since the beginning of Corona with all the restrictions it was clear: He won’t do that again so soon. None of us currently know if he will play even one more gig this year. Unfortunately, the expansion of our garden will have to wait a bit.

Fun with crowds again?

But apart from that: Even if the government continues to relax the restrictions in Germany and appeals to our common sense and initiative and we could – let’s say – hold larger events again in September under stricter safety and hygiene conditions, would we go again?

After this extraordinary experience, do we even enjoy celebrating together with a huge crowd of people huddled close together in a marquee, dancing in a discotheque, singing along in the front row of our favourite artist, drinking beer from half-heartedly washed beer glasses, sharing the underground with thousands of others on the way to the stadium, celebrating carnival in Cologne? I could continue this list endlessly. For my part, I’m not so sure, I’m even inclined to say no.

Who benefits from all these extremes?

I’ve been going over this thought game in my head over the last few days and I keep coming back to the same starting question: When did we (mankind) actually let it come to this?

Does an Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, have to be celebrated on this huge scale? Do people from all over the world have to come specially for it? Does a litre of beer (called “Maß” and which is served there), have to cost about 10 Euros? Who actually profits from all these extremes that we have let explode in the last years? Actually, there are only a few people who really fill their pockets with it. Sure, it’s all fun, but does it have to happen on this scale?

All this happens because people are selfish

Very quickly I realize that all this happens only because people are selfish. I come first. I do what I want. I do what’s best for me. I even go to my best friend’s birthday party or to work with a cold. It’s not possible that I have to cut back now – just because of a little cough!

My conclusion:

I would be happy if everyone would use this difficult time to take a closer look at their own behaviour. And of course I don’t exclude myself from that.


Viktoria Kux

Viktoria Kux

Social Media Manager

Viktoria Kux is Social Media Manager in TÜV Rheinland’s newsroom and responsible for all German-language social media channels of the company. Whether it’s a new photo for Instagram or a video for YouTube that needs to be produced – her everyday work revolves around all social networks.

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