Since my student days, my activities in the most diverse projects have always been associated with time bottlenecks and many journeys. All attempts to integrate regular training for professional purposes or simply sport into my everyday life always failed because of the project-related high times.

Building up knowledge independently

That’s why I trained myself years ago to build up knowledge independently, for example with books, extra-occupational training or through the Internet. Even when it comes to sports activities, there is a lot you can do at home – and that doesn’t mean jogging or cycling, but rather yoga, Zumba or similar back-friendly sports. This benefits me in the current situation, as I have the peace and flexibility in my home office to build in time for further training and learning.

Telephone appointment with the English coach

For example, a few years ago I decided to improve my English online because I was not able to attend regular classroom training. Since last year I have been training internally with the TÜV Rheinland program “Let’s go international”. I have built in daily exercises and have already improved a lot. I have a lot of fun with the twelve telephone trainings that are part of the program. Here you can book half-hourly sessions that suit your schedule, a larger selection of available trainers is displayed and you can choose freely. I have already been able to talk to trainers from Thailand, Italy, Spain or Germany on the phone, and exciting discussions have always developed. We are affected by the Corona crisis worldwide, so this is an interesting common topic with very different perspectives and situations. This not only expands my knowledge in the English language, but also inspires me to take an intercultural approach. A real enrichment and highly recommended.

Yoga and cooking – learning at home via video

Another example and a good balance to the many seats in the home office is the sports programme I have set up for myself at home. Here I always lacked a bit of access to yoga, but I get videos with explanations and exercises from two different sources, so that I have now also found my way into this program, in addition to the usual outdoor program.

And finally I am learning to cook even better. Whether it’s the recommendable videos of our canteen chef Miguel Contreras or other cooking or baking instructions – I use the digital possibilities to live and cook healthily in times of home office.

My conclusion:

In conclusion, I can say that I am absolutely thrilled about the many possibilities that are prepared by existing offers, but also by the newly awakened creativity of some companies, trainers and private individuals. I like to be inspired and try out many things. And so I am sure that I will come out of this crisis smarter and fitter.

In this sense, have fun while learning!


Astrid Dorsch

Astrid Dorsch

Head of Corporate Sponsoring

Astrid Dorsch is Head of Corporate Sponsoring in the newsroom at TÜV Rheinland. In addition to her job, she also organizes events such as Technology Night or the employee summer party. Born in Hamburg and raised in Cologne, she has made traveling the center of her professional and private life. She tries to incorporate as much culture, sport and enjoyment as possible in her travels. Politically, professionally and privately, she firmly believes in community and is a passionate networker. She likes to be wherever new topics or open-minded and interesting people can be found.

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