Videoconferencing instead of meetings in the office: this has been the case throughout Europe for a few days now. And of course in TÜV Rheinland’s newsroom. It’s good that we have been practicing this for a long time anyway: In each of our morning meetings, a few colleagues are connected from a distance – Berlin, Nuremberg, Hanover anyway, and depending on the day, Bochum, Bonn or Erkelenz as well. And sometimes even Cologne’s suburbs, whose names are mainly known from the news. So for our team the changeover was not that big; the digital possibilities work and are easy to use even for technical laymen. The fact that we have switched from audio to video has had a very positive effect. I already know the surroundings of one of my colleagues by panning the camera – and the data line creates a bond.

Virtual music lessons: “The sound is different from the real thing”.

What applies professionally has also played a greater role privately since the beginning of the “Corona holidays”: Skype calls now go not only to grandparents or relatives overseas, but also to the children’s music teachers. The feedback from our daughter (9) after her first virtual piano lesson: “Well, the sound sounds quite different from the real thing. Okay, the sound quality is not very good. But at least we were able to get the classroom going to some extent. I guess I still have to convince our daughter of “better than nothing.” With increasing boredom the desire for the next lesson will hopefully increase in the next few days. And then we will find out with our son whether piano or clarinet from the Bluetooth box sounds better.

New insights and views thanks to video telephony

I am now simply curious to see which visions of the future our children will find exciting at some point, after live moving images are shrugging their shoulders even on the smartphone. For me, who grew up with a dial phone and Commodore 64, video telephony hasn’t lost all its fascination. I’m already looking forward to more views from windows in the Westerwald and Middle Franconia, on roof terraces in Prenzlauer Berg and in hobby cellars in the Lower Rhine. And also to meet the whole team again soon personally and healthy.


Alexander Schneider

Alexander Schneider


Mainly working as an editor for internal communications at TÜV Rheinland. He is always looking for exciting stories and topics that are interesting to tell. There are plenty of them in the company. He studied history and has a soft spot for Latin America. Always wanted to do something with media and therefore worked for a well-known publishing house in Frankfurt’s Gallusviertel for a long time. He likes living in Cologne, because the city is the proof: autosuggestion works. Nowhere else can such local patriotism be found despite such pronounced building sins. And it’s simply fun – just like cycling to work. He even attracts attention as a native of Cologne during visits to Berlin, because he simply talks to the people.

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