AIM – a pretty cool abbreviation. But which aim are we taking about? And then I dive into the depths of Asset Integrity Management, or AIM. It is a service we offer. I understand the individual terms. But what exactly are our customers supposed to book with us? Maybe I am not the only one to ask myself that. Let me try to explain:

AIM: All-round check – delivering a comprehensive result

Do you know the feeling? You feel the occasional pinch and pain at different parts of your body. The hip hurts, but not all the time. The movement of the arm is slightly restricted, but not severely. The eyes hurt when you read and there’s a scratch in your throat indicating a cold is on its way. Annual routine check-ups have been scheduled, for example at the dentist. It’s one phone call after the other. I’m annoyed by busy signals, and friendly voicemail messages tell me I am calling outside surgery hours. Once I know the opening hours, I have a friendly human voice on the line. Appointments with individual doctors need to be coordinated and integrated into my professional and private schedule. Sometimes it takes six weeks to finally find a slot. “The appointment might take a while,” I hear from time to time. Ok.

After I have finished the examinations, I have a pile of paper and statements that I can no longer sort correctly. Results, some of which I don’t understand. Now what? It’s not that bad yet, so I’ll just keep on. I no longer have a bad conscience, but somehow a bad feeling remains. Why is there no medical center near me where my general practitioner (at best a conventional doctor and homeopath) welcomes me and, depending on my needs, refers me directly to the orthopedic surgeon, the dentist and ophthalmologist, to neuro-, uro- and gynecologists as well as psychologists or to the X-ray centre including CTG? All the paperwork ends up on his desk, enabling him to get a comprehensive picture. Okay, that cost me two days. But I know what’s up, a specific course of action is recommended and I can do something for myself accordingly.

Efficient and sustainable: Asset integrity management for industrial plants

We just talked about asset integrity management for the body and the mind. Industrial plants also feature complex connections and technologies. Pressure equipment and pipelines need to be inspected, there are elevators in the plant, explosion protection and electrical safety require testing, as do the stability of the hall or energy management and immission measurement. Calculating the service life of older or slightly damaged plant components might also be part of the job. To ensure that a complex technical system runs smoothly and reliably, lawmakers have introduced regular checks.

However, operators want to keep downtime or outages to a minimum. They’re expensive. And each inspection could result in downtime. It makes sense, therefore, to check everything in one go. Shutdown, please. Then my colleagues come swarming in to inspect the plant. However, they also check whether inspections need to be so extensive at all, and they optimise the inspection intervals. The aim is to increase the value and return of the asset. This can also include the calculation of plant components’ service lives, or inspecting a management system. One colleague – the family doctor, so to speak – is in charge for all of this. It works internationally for us, my colleagues say. There aren’t yet many medical centers offering an all-round service for patients, but TÜV Rheinland operates globally.

And a little something extra for language lovers: AIM is an apronym. That is an acronym, i.e. an abbreviation that has another meaning. In this case, it’s the aim.


Nicole Krzemien

Nicole Krzemien


Hmm, I wonder what you want to know about me. Did I enjoy my studies to the full? Was I also allowed to do a solid education once? Do I find my job in marketing and communication at TÜV Rheinland varied and fascinating? Do I love the refreshing balancing act between work and family? Do I like to move on or at the water, no matter if liquid or airily frozen? Will my expert colleagues from the industry service sector impress me again and again? Am I eager to listen when they report on the causality of energy or technology issues? Whether I try – at least in my mind – to bring these innovations into my everyday life? And, whether I read more than I write? The answer to all questions is: Yes.

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