About us

The flood of information on the topics of the energy transition and IT and information security is enormous. There are new developments, facts and facets every single day. Questions about energy and network security are determining our lives, more and stronger than before. We at TÜV Rheinland also deal with these topics worldwide on a daily basis.

This blog helps to organize arguments and opinions, to make them assessable and to offer an exchange. Every opinion counts. Not only in our articles, but also in the comments.

We want to share opinions

Our authors write about their fields as well as about their personal perception of social and technical developments. Their own opinion is central, not the one of TÜV Rheinland. Our authors are specialists in their fields, yet they write in such a way that everyone can understand them.

We bear responsibility

Responsibility has many facets for us. This is about the safety of people, technology and the environment, in 1872 as well as 2072. This is why responsibility for us has a lot to do with opinion, future, discussion and argumentation. Therefore this blog is for reading, informing, discussing.

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