Diversity matters – at TÜV Rheinland this is more than just lip service. The international testing service provider relies on the different strengths of each individual employee – and is benefiting from this approach. On Instagram, the diversity existing within the Group comes alive.

Action against racism: the debate must not stop

Current events – and I’m not talking about the current coronavirus situation – are moving people, both literally and figuratively. “Black Lives Matter” is a message no one can ignore. As early as 2013, the movement began using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on social networks. The violent death of George Floyd has now once again triggered worldwide debate and action against racism. The photographer @shirinesione recently portrayed participants of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Berlin for Der Spiegel magazine. These statements (Only available in German) clearly show how important the debate is and why the movement must not be forgotten.

Companies also take a stance

At TÜV Rheinland we agree that racism, oppression and exclusion have no place. “As an international service group, we want to create a working environment in which all our employees feel safe and comfortable – an environment in which they are happy to give their best with commitment. The key to this lies in open, respectful cooperation across all countries, cultures and lifestyles. After all, around 20,000 employees at 500 locations around the globe provide more than 2,500 services….”
This is the corporate philosophy of TÜV Rheinland. Above all, this means that the diversity of our employees is a key to the success of the company. Diversity is the magic word. I believe it is even more: it strengthens team spirit and enables us to better understand other people. It creates a strong sense of community and makes everyone proud to be a part of this diversity.

Instagram TÜV Rheinland

Diversity at TÜV Rheinland – visible on Instagram

On our Instagram profile we want to show the diversity of TÜV Rheinland.

Here we regularly introduce members of our team and give an insight into their work at our sites around the world.


Anja Paffen

Anja Paffen

Social Media Manager

Anja Paffen is a cologne girl with heart and soul and loves especially the 5th season. TÜV Rheinland has been accompanying her throughout her professional life. Starting with a commercial apprenticeship and the subsequent evening studies to become a PR Manager, she has been working as a Social Media Manager in the newsroom for several years now. She is always passionate about what she does and wants to inspire others on the social networks not only of TÜV Rheinland but also of our great employees.

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  1. Yamini

    Hi Anja! Yes – Diversity is an important part of the TUV Rheinland brand ethos. I just wanted to understand if you handle the Instagram page of TUV Rheinland

    • Anja Paffen

      Hi Yamini, Thank you for your feedback. Yes I handle the Instagram page @tuv.rheinland together with my Colleague Viktoria Kux.


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